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    Professional Car Interior & Upholstery Cleaning Canberra

    A car is, to some of us, as a second house. Often we use it as a desk or meeting place for discussing or sharing projects with clients and employees. Do you want to be comfortable inviting them to a messy car? Probably not! Contact a qualified company to receive a car interior cleaning service.

    Everybody loves their car, so they certainly care for it and they clean it. Yet the car owner isn’t always good at washing. You could get hustled at times, and just do the outside. Cleaning the car outside is an easy business but it is difficult to groom the interior of the car. Most car owners are procrastinating in doing so.


    We use leather cleaning and conditioning materials of high quality. Using a mixture of steam and natural leather cleaning items we carefully clean the surface of your leather, this helps us open the leather pores to get all the dirt and oils out.

    Then we clean your leather, nourish the pores that make your leather soft and healthy and protect it from aging.

    Car seat cleaners that guarantee results

    When your car is being used for work and you are going to meet customers or even bring customers around, then you want to make sure your car looks nice and smells good. First impressions matter and having to give a customer a ride with a messy, dirty car is quick to be found out.

    We provide inexpensive automotive interior cleaning services from professionals who will come to you, if your automotive is located in your home or office and remove those unsightly stains, restoring the fresh look to your car interior – everybody likes to drive their car around when it’s just cleaned up and have the ‘new car’ feel.

    We offer

    • Loss-reduction
    • Qualified Flood Damage Restoration Services
    • Maintaining Health
    • Healthy Environment
    • Develop a Friendly Atmosphere
    • Stain Removal Expert
    • Know our Services

    Why choose us?

    It is necessary to keep the interior of your car clean, just like the interior of your house. Your car’s infested with dust mites, bugs and other parasites. We will burrow into the fabrics of your carpets and car seats and harm allergy and asthma sufferers.

    Our staff is always working hard and providing people with the quality of service they can demand from a top-performing cleaning agency. Whether it’s for a residential home, a business office or even your own personal vehicle, you know we’ve covered all of your needs. We use high-quality machinery and equipment to ensure you get the best results.

    We will make your car seats and carpets look fresh again with the good steam cleaning of any cloth or upholstered seats along with using our specially formulated creams and leather seat safety rubbers.

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    Our team of highly professional experts clean your rugs and carpets according to your specific needs and requirements. We are always on our toes to provide you with the results you are looking for. Take advantage of our exceptional cleaning services. Call us on (04) 5216 6753 or email us on to get a quick quote.

    What Our Custmer Say

    3 Exclusive Car Interior Cleaning Packages:


    • Pre – Inspection
    • Pre – Spray Conditioner
    • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
    • Deodorising


    • Pre – Inspection
    • Pre Vacuum
    • Pre – Spray Conditioner
    • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
    • Deodorising


    • Pre – Inspection
    • Pre Vacuum
    • Pre Stain Treatment
    • Pre – Spray Conditioner
    • Scrubbing Carpet with Soft Brush Pad
    • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
    • Deodorising

Even we got deal for those customer who are looking for regular carpet cleaning or who got 1 bedroom & 2 bedroom, Pick up phone and Call our cleaners on 0452 166 753 to get best offer and pricing information.