Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Canberra

    Professional Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Services Canberra

    Our customer’s needs are important and the advice provided is not focused on our bottom line but rather on the unique needs and requirements of each client.

    We provide the most detailed way of washing curtains and drapes.


    Would you want someone to come to your home and just vacuum and steam the front of your curtains or would you like it to be done properly? Dry cleaning is carried out in a very large front loading machine which uses a solvent instead of water. For delicate fabrics, it is very gentle but very powerful for dirt, grime and insects.

    Sufficiency assured

    We guarantee complete cleaning of your dirty drapery that prevents fading and shrinking of colour. Many homeowners neglect to clean curtains and blinds and concentrate instead on washing carpets. Drapery, in fact, takes on more dust because it gets affected by the wind that is bringing in the air. Owing to its constant exposure to heat, sunlight and cold, curtains can also fade away.

    You won’t like discoloured curtains, because they contribute to your house decoration’s ambience and aesthetics.

    Cleaning blinds

    Blinds and curtains form an integral part of your workplace and home. Yet they get filthy, and steal your place’s look, making it look disgusting and abominable. When your place is clean, dusty and dirty curtains never let it show. Regular methods for curtain cleaning are not enough to keep your curtains and blinds clean so you need the help of the professional. So if you’re looking for professional and competent curtain and dry cleaners in Canberra, we guarantee you won’t get the best facilities anywhere other than cleaning services.

    Roller blinds

    We deliver plain, elegant window coverings, adding a touch of atmospheric elegance in addition to filtering the sun. Whether it’s home, office, hotel, guest house or roller blind restaurant is a vast option among people, it gives a luxury look and adds elegance to it. Dust, dirt, and humidity, however, make the fabric sticky and filthy over a period of time, if roller blind cleaning is not done properly, then the bacteria will infest and the chance of mould infestation will increase.

    Avail the benefits from our services

    • Absolutely clean and hygienic curtains
    • Complete contaminant removal
    • No health issues because of dirty curtains
    • Beautiful curtains
    • Improved air quality
    • No allergens of contaminants
    • Added life for curtains

    Why choose us

    Only when we have happy and satisfied clients for our leather cleaning services, we become successful. We respect the specifications, budget and decor of our customers and are working hard to please them.

    We care about your well-being and satisfaction, unlike other cleaning services. Our high standards of quality leather cleaning ensure only the best and most courteous cleaners are recruited. We are empathetic on how you are feeling.

    Get in Touch

    Our team of highly professional experts clean your rugs and carpets according to your specific needs and requirements. We are always on our toes to provide you with the results you are looking for. Take advantage of our exceptional cleaning services. Call us on (04) 5216 6753 or email us on to get a quick quote.

    What Our Custmer Say

    3 Exclusive Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Packages:


    • Pre – Inspection
    • Pre – Spray Conditioner
    • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
    • Deodorising


    • Pre – Inspection
    • Pre Vacuum
    • Pre – Spray Conditioner
    • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
    • Deodorising


    • Pre – Inspection
    • Pre Vacuum
    • Pre Stain Treatment
    • Pre – Spray Conditioner
    • Scrubbing Carpet with Soft Brush Pad
    • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
    • Deodorising

Even we got deal for those customer who are looking for regular carpet cleaning or who got 1 bedroom & 2 bedroom, Pick up phone and Call our cleaners on 0452 166 753 | (02) 61906 070 to get best offer and pricing information.